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 We are about nourishing you. Nourishing your body, emotions, mind and spirit so you can go forth and nourish those you love and care for, so you all lhave the life that you want,  The life you imagine. 

Many peope are impeded by a body that is not healthy, emotions that are restrictive, and a thought pattern that is limiting. These are in conflict with your Spirit, the real you. The real you is awesome and dynamic. Ordinary people doing extra ordinary things.

Come journey with us and doTERRA and empower yourself and your loved ones to "Live a Kick-Ass Awesome Life"

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths and tune into your body, your emotions, your mind, and your spirit. What would you like to have that is better, stronger, healthier, in your body, emotions, mind and spirit?

Now rate yourself lin each area on the Wellness Pyramid with 1 being very poor and 9 being super awesome.

Eat Right
9 You eat lots of vegetables, salad and meat
1 You eat lots of junk food, bread, icecream and processed food, very little vegetables

9 Exercising 3 to 5 times a week walking, swimming, even gardening
1 is no exercise

Rest & Manage Stress
9 You sleep well at least for 8 hours each night
1 Disrupted sleep most nights of the week

Manage Stress
9 You schedule time for self, meditate, walk in the park or in the bush
1 No time for yourself

Reduce Toxic Load   ON you and IN you
ON you
What you put on your skin in the shower, while you wash your hair, clean your teeth.
9 All safe natural ingredients eg essential oils
1 Loaded with toxic chemicals that effects you internally, mentally and emotionally

IN you
Everyday we clean our teeth. What would your mouth feel like if your teeth had not been cleaned for 5, 10, or 20 years.
Now image if you have not gently internally cleansed, ever?
9   If you have cleansed recently 
1   If never or if a long time ago

doTERRA's Essential oils, are mother natures medicine, natural solutions that can empower you in all areas so you "Live a Kick-Ass Awesome Life".


We invite you to Be your own best Wellness Advocate and claim your gift of Wellness!





Nourish and Empower others so they "Live a Kick-Ass Awesome Life" also

Brian & I are Soul-Entrepreneurs.
We partner with amazing people with heart and soul, who want to make a difference in the world.
doTERRA means "Gift of the Earth" providing many people with the opportunity to inspire others to reclaim their power, and their health?
We mentor and empower you to create abundance.  


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